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How it Works

Create Your Account

Signing up is simple. In a matter of minutes, you’ll have your own site ready for photo uploading and sharing.


Customize Your Photo Gallery

Once your account is created, with just a few more clicks you can add a photo and a message to your Gallery guests.


Share Your Gallery Link with Family and Friends

Now it’s time to spread the word! Share the link with all your guests via Facebook, Twitter or Email. You can also send a Text Message (SMS) or add a QR code to printed invitations or programs. Be sure to encourage them to bookmark the link so they can upload pictures from all wedding events conveniently.


Guests Upload and View Picture and Videos

Uploading is easy from a mobile device or from a personal computer. As long as guests have the link, they are ready to go! There is no app to download, eliminating any concern about operating system compatibility and the hassle of searching the app store. You can choose to keep your site public or set security options for viewing. Easy, fast, fun for all.


Plan Pricing

Access to for One Full Year

What do you get when you sign up?

  • 1 year of unlimited photo storage.
  • One location for all your special pictures.
  • Personalize your site.
  • Guests do not need an account to upload pictures.
  • No application to download.
  • You control the sharing options.


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Frequently asked questions

Why choose

  • There is no app to download therefore no operating system limitations or hassle for your guests.
  • It's the easiest, fastest way for your friends and family to upload candid wedding photos and videos for you to view and/or share.
  • It's very simple to grant viewing access to your Gallery.
  • You control the privacy on sharing options.
  • It saves you oodles of time!

Why is it so easy for my guests to use?

  • Because once you share the private link to your Gallery via email or Facebook, all they have to do is click on it and start uploading.

Do my guests need a smartphone to use

  • No. allows guests with any web-enable phone, tablet, or personal computer to join the fun! That is the beauty of NO app access.

What if they don’t have cell coverage or WiFi?

  • Not to worry! The link remains active as long as your account is active. When they are in a better coverage area or at their computer, they can upload the photos. You can even send a reminder email with the link a day or two after each wedding related event to prompt them to upload

Can my guests or I comment on photos?

  • Yes, every photo or video has room for comments.

Can I download and/or share my photos from the site?

  • Yes! Instantly share items via Facebook or Twitter, send via email, or download at anytime.

Can I edit or delete photos from my Gallery?

  • Of course. You have the final say whether any item it stays or goes.

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Guest often capture incredible pictures of your "Big Day" and related events on their devices. And you want access to all those wonderful memories!

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